The life changing mobility programme for women during midlife & beyond.

This 4 week mobility programme can help you ease aches, pains, stiffness and tightness in your body to help create better movement. Perfect if you're just learning, recovering from injury, or need help to strengthen and support your back.

This programme has been designed with you in mind.

The woman who is experiencing menopause symptoms and is looking for ways to manage those symptoms, or the woman who has gone through menopause and knows that they have reached a point in their life where they need to do something to maintain the lifestyle they're used to, without their body slowing them down.

The programme takes you through the basic exercises and Pilates principles, with the main focus on improving mobility, and enhancing flexibility and balance, so you can then begin to strengthen your whole body.

Pilates is so much more than going 'through the moves', and it's not a 'quick fix' exercise solution.

Pilates is the long-term solution to finding the joy in moving your body, even with it's limitations. It's the path to longevity and independence so you can embrace the second half of your life.


“Discover how easily you can move by mobilising your body with gentle Pilates exercises”.

Movement and Mobility 4 Week Pilates Programme


 Your investment to Move Better and Feel Better- £97.00

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The 7 Elements to a Successful Pilates Practice 

Pilates isn't just about going through the motions of the exercise. There is much more to it. There are 7 Elements I teach to help you get the most of a regular Pilates practice.

#1 Flexibility and Suppleness

Pilates is a great way to improve flexibility. We focus on reducing tight muscles which can restrict your movement and maintaining your joint health so you can retain full range of movement. It’s when we lose this movement that problems occur.


#2 Strength and Stability

The core muscles are designed to support and stabilise the spine, particularly the lower spine, during movement. Pilates will make you aware of how to work these deep core muscles that other forms of exercise often don’t.


#3 Mobility

Without good mobility we experience reduced movement in our joints. The more your move your joints, the better movement you will have.




#4 Positioning

To ensure good posture it's important that you are set up correctly before starting an exercising. It ensure you body is in it's correct alignment and doesn't put excess stress and strain on your joints.


#5 Breathing and Relaxation

Pilates helps you focus on breathing deep into your lungs, expanding the ribcage and mobilising the middle back which can often be a little stiff. It also has a calming effect on your mind, reducing muscles tension, stress, and allowing yourself to focus on the moment.

#6 Engagement

Engagement of the deep core abdominal muscles gives us a corset of strength and support from within our body. It also gives us the stability to move well every day, so we can enjoy our hobbies, such as swimming, walking, tennis or golf.

#7 Balance

Often overlooked, our balance is something we should work on regularly. Our balance declines as we get older, so practising often ensures we are less likely to fall over! 

What people are saying.

"I had frequent bouts of pain from lower back especially, but neck and shoulder too. Now I can exercise and move about more. I have less specific areas of pain and feel my movement is much easier"
~Mrs C, Bewdley

“Natalie is a talented and very well organised teacher who knows the needs of her clients well”
~Mrs V Pardy, Worcestershire

"Thanks to Pilates exercises, I’m now able to do three-mile walks again"
~Lynda Prescott, Wyre Forest

“Great Pilates lessons in the comfort of my own home”
~N. Almond, Worcestershire

My Experience of Pilates

Like many people, I discovered Pilates to help strength my back after the birth of my daughter. I’ve continued doing Pilates ever since and now I want to share the benefits of Pilates with as many people as possible.

I see the biggest results with beginners who have never done Pilates before. Within weeks they tell me how much better they start to feel, how they feel more stretched and supple, feel their bodies moving easier, and the improvement they feel in their own wellbeing.

I work mainly with women over 50 years of age, so I understand the challenges you face as you get older.  And as I creep closer to that age myself, I realise that keeping your body moving and staying active is of great benefit to your overall health.

“I see the biggest results with beginners who have never done Pilates”.


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 ‘I can’t believe that these simple exercises are so good for you’ - Sarah’s Story

Sarah joined my classes in the hope that being more active would alleviate her aches and pains. She was waking in the morning feeling stiff and had recurring mild back pain. She hadn’t done Pilates before, so she joined my beginners programme which took her through all the basic exercises at a nice slow pace. After attending one class every week for four weeks, she approached me at the end of the class one day to tell me how much better she was feeling. She wasn’t feeling as stiff in the morning and she just found it easier to move, and more importantly, she hadn’t had any back pain for two weeks. ‘I can’t believe that these simple exercises are so good for you’, was the one comment she made which really stood out for me.


“The basic exercises are often the most powerful”.

The Movement and Mobility Pilates Programme 

I’ve now taken my beginners course that I have taught to hundreds of women, and put it into an online format that you can do at home.

Inside the training portal, each exercise is fully explained and demonstrated, so you fully understand what you need to do to perform the exercise safely.


What’s included?

A comprehensive video series to work through in your own time 

50 Instructional videos that break down each exercise

 A detailed progressive plan to take you from the very beginning, to confidently performing Pilates on your own

Full demo and instructions for each exercises

Lifetime access

Also…. 2 bonus courses, including

The 5 Day Balance Challenge

A 4 part Health and Wellness Video Series to continue your Pilates practice at the end of the programme


When you've finished the programme, it doesn't end there!

Continue your Pilates practice at home when you become a
Strong and Supple Pilates Member.


Why do Pilates at home?

It's a home-based programme that feels like a one-2-one session!

This programme is specifically designed for Women during Menopause, Midlife, and beyond.

Low impact workouts that can help keep your body mobile and supple. 

Workouts to improve your posture and core (abdominal) strengthen.

Short videos that you can easily fit into your day.

The perfect solution if you prefer to exercise at home.

Ideal for the complete beginner.

Exercise that makes everyday movement easier.


Movement and Mobility 4 Week Pilates Programme


 Your investment to Move Better and Feel Better- £97.00

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